Business Banking

Savings / Investment Accounts

At Chemical Bank, we offer a variety of accounts to meet the needs of our commercial customers from checking and money market accounts to cash management programs. Our experienced representatives will help you select the accounts that are best for your business. The features of our business savings and investment accounts can be found by clicking on the following menu items.

Our Institutional Money Fund Account is a savings account that pays a competitive rate of interest and allows limited check-writing.

Features of this account include:

  • Interest bearing account
  • Deposits, withdrawals and transfers may be made at any Chemical Bank Location or ATM
  • Unlimited in person withdrawals. Limit of 6 pre-authorized debits (includes checks, telephone, PC and ACH transactions)
  • No fees or service charges when $1,000 average daily balance is maintained

Our ChemFlex Investment Account, for our business customers, is a special one-month time deposit account that allows investors with $1,000 or more to earn a higher rate of interest on their short-term investment. It's a flexible investment choice that provides you with greater control of your funds than traditional programs.

Features of this account include:

  • $1,000 minimum opening deposit
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Either one deposit or one withdrawal allowed per day
  • No fees or service charges
  • The minimum opening deposit is $1,000. If a subsequent withdrawal reduces the balance to less than $1,000, the account will cease earning interest. There is a penalty for early withdrawal from a ChemFlex Investment Account.

Savings Calculator

Calculator To assist you in estimating the future value of your savings, use our Savings Calculator as a guide.