Business Banking

Business Trust Services

Chemical Bank's Trust and Investment Services Group delivers comprehensive personalized programs that offer the value you need while providing you with the counsel and advice required for success.

  • Corporate Trust Services - For municipalities and other public corporations, Chemical Bank can serve as a paying agent or transfer agent for bond issues.
  • Investment Services - For businesses with long-term investment needs, Chemical Bank offers a managed investment product designed to match your investment objectives. The ChemVest Advantage Account utilizes portfolios of no-load mutual funds to achieve diversified and competitive investment results. A $20,000 minimum balance is required. For businesses who have larger amounts to invest, Chemical Bank can provide you with a customized investment portfolio tailored to your specific investment and cash flow requirements.
  • Cash Management Services - This service is designed to assist municipal and public corporations such as counties, school districts and hospitals who have significant deposit balances to manage and who are interested in non-FDIC insured money market instruments as investment vehicles. Chemical Bank offers a cash management vehicle which utilizes a money market mutual fund to provide higher current yields.
  • Retirement Services