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Build Your Own Squirrel Bank!

Squirrel Bank

Here's what you will need:
  • A clean container with a lid ( a coffee can was used in the pictures)
  • Colored paper or paint-the color you want your squirrel to be
  • 1 Pipe cleaner
  • A Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A Black Marker
  • 2 Wiggly eyes
  • 4 egg carton cups (rolled coins were used in the pictures)

To make the body you can paint the container or cover it with colored paper. Trace the lid of the container on your colored paper two times and cut them out-one circle will be for the head and the other one will be used for the back side (glue the backside circle to the bottom of the container). Paint the 4 egg carton cups for the legs. After the carton cups dry, glue them to the container so it will not roll away.

Cut a piece of the colored paper as big as you would like for the tail and round off the top of it. Fringe the edges of the paper tail and glue the pipe cleaner in the center. Bend the tail the way you want it to be and then glue it to the bottom of the container.

For the head, take the circle you traced earlier and glue it to the lid. Add the wiggly eyes and then cut and glue ovals from the paper for the ears. Use the black marker to draw a triangle for the nose and then an oval for the mouth. Ask an adult to cut a slit in the mouth so you can insert your money into the bank.

Feed your coins and dollars to your squirrel until it is full; then take your savings to a Chemical Bank office near you and deposit it into your Savings Account!

Squirrel Bank