Are you ready to bank with a financially sound Michigan Bank that is committed to its customers and communities?

Then Switch to Chemical Bank!

We've made switching easy...

Just download the attached forms, complete and bring them to your nearest branch, and start banking with a Bank that believes in providing you with the service you deserve.

Our Switch Kit includes the following forms:

  • Chemical Bank Overview

    This form provides an overview of Chemical Bank and its full array of quality financial services.

  • New Account Information form

    Our New Account Information form provides you with a quick and easy way to open up a new Chemical Bank account.

  • Change Automatic Withdrawal

    After your account has been opened, this form will make it easy to make changes to any automatic withdrawals you may currently have set-up with your mortgage company, utility companies, or insurance agency.

  • Change Direct Deposit

    After your account has been opened, this form will assist you in making changes to any Direct Deposits you have set up with your current financial institution.

  • Close Account form

    We have even made it easy for you to close your account at your old bank. Once you are a customer of Chemical Bank, you can complete this form and mail it to your old bank and ask that they close your current account after any open transactions have cleared, and you have switched over your automatic withdrawals and changed your direct deposit.

Switch to Chemical Bank and experience our quality banking services yourself! If you have any questions, you can also contact our Customer Service Center at (800) 867-9757, or by email.