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eBusiness enhance

Enhancements to our Premium eBusiness online banking system will take place on September 7th. The changes affect the look and feel of the menus and screens in order to provide a better customer experience. In general the product features and capabilities remain the same; however some fields have been moved or relabeled to improve usability.

We will be moving away from the four part login we use today and will begin using a three part login in order to save you time while still maintaining your online security. You will still need to enter you Company ID, User ID and User Password but you will no longer have to enter your Company Password!

Unless you previously specified a different landing page, the first screen you will see upon successful login will be the Account Summary. For more Account Summary changes see the Account Summary and Main Menu section below.

landing page

On the Account Summary page the following names have been changed:

  • Liquidity Summary is now called Deposit Accounts
  • Investment Summary is now Other Accts
  • Liability Summary is called Loan Accounts
  • Tiered Liability Summary is now Tiered Loan Accounts

The new main menu is divided into the following four sections:
  • Administration
  • Account Activities & Reporting
  • Payments & Transfers
  • Online Requests - previously the Online Services Menu

The Administration sub-menu has been divided into 3 sections:

  • Manage Users
  • Manage Company
  • My Profile most users created by the Company Admin will only see the My Profile section

admin menu

In the Add/Change/Remove Users page, the action buttons are now dynamically driven by what you select either Current User, selecting one from the drop down menu, or New to create a new user. If you select a Current User, the buttons displayed are Update, Delete, Reset and List. For New User they are Add, Reset and List.

admin menu

Name changes for some of the functions listed in the Administration sub-menu include:

  • Change User Preferences will be Set Main Page
  • Unenroll Computers is now a sub-menu option under Administration/My Profile

Account Services and Balance Reporting sections have been combined on the main menu to become Account Activities & Reporting. Sub-menu headings include:

  • Account Reporting
  • Reconciliation Services
  • Positive Pay
  • Stop Payment

Manage Balance Alerts is now located under Account Activities & Reporting and Balance Reporting is now titled Account Reporting.

account activities menu

The Funds Transfer menu has been renamed Payments & Transfers. This menu group is comprised of all of the services that involve moving money, including:

  • Account Transfers
  • Federal Tax Payments Account Transfers
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfers

Bill Pay will be listed under Additional Service

admin menu

  • Book Transfer feature is now called Account Transfer
  • EFTPS references have all been changed to Tax Payments
  • ACH and Wire Transfers have been divided into two sections one that addresses maintenance related functions and one for processing related functions
  • Transaction Entry Maintenance is now called Assign Participant to Batch
  • Batch Template Maintenance is now called Maintain Batch Template
  • Participant Maintenance is now Maintain Participant
  • Edit Batch has been changed to Update Batch
  • ACH Admin Approval/Activity is now called Approve/View ACH Activity
  • ACH Activity has been changed to View ACH Activity
  • Two main page designs employed are Table Style and Form Entry. Basic functionality on the pages has been retained; however, some field labels and positions of the fields have been changed to improve usability and workflow.
  • Other enhancements have been added to make the system more user friendly. The utility toolbar in the upper right is available to send a secure Email, view the Help menu, and Log Out. New calendar icons have been placed throughout online banking to simplify the process of date selection. Some sections of the pages may be expanded or collapsed. If a table is expandable, there will be a plus [+] or minus [-] box to the left of the table header. Some screens will display a Back navigation button where applicable and table sorting is now "on-page" for improved response time.
  • The Wire Transfer page layout has changed for ease of use. The transfer information now displays at the top of the page. In addition, on the Initiate Freeform screen, the Receiving and Intermediary Bank sections are only displayed if you expand the selection by clicking on the plus [+] in the upper left of the heading for that section.