Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit

If you're interested in a safe investment with an attractive interest rate and flexible terms, a Chemical Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) may be the ideal investment vehicle for you.

Call or stop by any of our Locations and ask us about these great investment options.

Several CD options are available with varying maturities and minimum investment amounts. This allows you to choose the investment plan that's best for you. Our CD's offer these attractive benefits:

  • investment terms from 3 to 60 months
  • low minimum investment amount
  • competitive interest rates
  • fixed and variable rate options
  • single maturity and automatic renewal certificates
  • interest payment options -- monthly, quarterly, or at maturity
  • interest may be compounded and capitalized monthly, directly deposited into another Chemical Bank account, or paid quarterly by check

12-Month Add-On CD

If you prefer the opportunity to add to your initial investment in your CD, then the "Add-On" CD is for you. You can make additional deposits to your initial investment of at least $100 anytime you wish.

Raise-Your-Rate CD

If you prefer a longer term investment, but still want the comfort of knowing if rates go up you can "raise" the rate of your CD, then this product is for you. With a phone call you can increase your interest rate up to 1% once during the term of your investment if rates have increased. This CD offers investments of 36, 48, and 60 months.

There will be a penalty for early withdrawal from a Certificate of Deposit. Except in these instances, there are no other fees or service charges.

Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator To assist you in estimating the future value of your savings, use our Savings Calculator as a guide.