Mortgage Fast Track

Our Road to Home program is Chemical Bank’s holistic approach to helping our customers achieve their dream of homeownership.  As a Community Bank, our goal is to help you reach your dream of homeownership and by treating it as a process and learning and understanding your needs, we believe we can help prepare you for success in your endeavor.

While participating in the Road to Home program, customers will spend time learning about the complex home buying process from an experienced mortgage lender, will get to learn more about Chemical Bank and the products and services we offer, and a Chemical Banker will learn more about your homeownership goals. 

Most of all, the Road to Home program will provide you with a solid foundation of the financial skills necessary to own your own home.

Steps to Becoming a Homeowner

Chemical Bank’s Road to Home process is fairly straight forward and is designed to help you qualify for a loan after each of the below steps have been accomplished.

  • During this meeting, an experienced Chemical Bank lender will learn more about your homeownership goals, and help put you on a path toward homeownership

  • Opening this Deposit account with Chemical Bank along with Direct Deposit will help you save toward your down payment
  • Once you have saved enough money in this account and are ready to purchase your home, Chemical Bank will provide you with up to $400.00 toward your closing costs

As you think about purchasing your first home, we believe it is important to gain a solid understanding of the following:

  • Budgeting
  • Credit basics
  • Home repair basics
  • Preparing for homeownership

Depending on the type of loan you may receive, additional courses may be necessary for loan qualification.

Your Mortgage Banker will meet with you regularly to track your progress toward each of these objectives, and when the time is right, will work to help qualify you for a loan.

Click here to download a copy of our Road to Home Brochure.


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