Preferred Rewards Debit Card

Preferred Rewards

Your life is about to get a lot more rewarding!

Experience the revolutionary debit card that rewards you for making everyday purchases and paying bills!

Chemical Bank's Preferred RewardsSM debit card - the card that works like a check. You can use it to buy groceries, fill your gas tank, get a haircut, even pay your cell phone bill. The only difference is that you'll receive reward points each and every time you use it - points you can redeem for valuable merchandise, dining, shopping, travel and entertainment rewards.

Getting your Preferred RewardsSM is easy and it's free! Just visit your nearby Chemical Bank, open a checking account and apply for a Debit Card with Preferred RewardsSM.

  • No enrollment fee
  • No annual fees
  • 2,000 instant bonus points just for signing up and using your debit card

1Bonus points posted applied after performing your first signature transaction

Free Savings with MI Rewards

While using your Chemical Bank Debit Card for every day transactions and earning Preferred Rewards Points you’ll begin to receive offers from our new MI Rewards program. Based on the way you shop, you’ll receive money-saving deals and discounts tailored just for you.

Log in today to the Preferred Rewards site and click on the "MI Rewards" button to see your MI offers. Whether you’re looking for deals on food, apparel, housewares or travel items, our new MI Rewards program gives you a convenient way to save.

Redeem your Rewards whenever you are Ready - (must be enrolled) To check your point balance or to redeem your points, click on or call the Preferred RewardsSM Redemption Service Center at 1-800-790-0814. Reward Points carry a 5-year expiration limitation based on the month in which they were earned.

For the Preferred RewardsSM Terms and Conditions, click here.