What Our Commitment Means

"We get quick decisions and turn around when we ask for a loan. Chemical Bank has the size and commitment to take care of the larger farmer and processor as well as the small operator. Chemical Bank has provided stability to its customers by not abandoning agriculture when times got tough. I think of Chemical Bank like a differential lock; when the going gets tough, you can rely on Chemical Bank to help you get the work done."

Michael T. Laethem

President, Farm Depot Ltd.

"Chemical Bank has not only helped to supply credit for dairy farmers, but they have employees that understand agriculture. The Lake Odessa Livestock Leasing company goes through Chemical Bank for funding of the dairy leases and has formed a partnership that works very well.

Importantly, Chemical Bank is also located in agricultural communities, and farmers within these areas can feel comfortable speaking face-to-face with a banker who understands their business and their needs."

Vern Lettinga

President and CEO, Michigan

Ag Services, Inc.