Cadillac Community Bank Board of Directors

Chemical Bank incorporates “Community Banks” and establishes a local Board of Directors who assist the bank in meeting the needs of people in the communities it serves. These community members are business referral sources who are connected with, and active in the communities where they live and work.

Thomas W. Kohn

Executive Vice President, Community Banking - Chemical Bank

Board Member

Karl W. Linebaugh

North Region Chairman

Board Member

Donna McAvoy

North Region President, Director of Retail Banking - Chemical Bank

Board Member

Jon D. Catlin

Community President, Chemical Bank

Board Member

Nancy Bowman

Co-owner, Bowman and Rogers, PC


Dean M. DeKryger

Founder and Partner, DK Design Group

Board Member

John MacLeod

President and CEO, Mercy Hospital

Board Member

Catherine Molitor

President, Missaukee Title Company

Board Member

James C. W. Petersen

Retired, Chemical Bank

Board Member

William Rzepka

President, Central Professional Services Inc.

Board Member

Jeremy Winkle

President, VanDrie Home Furnishings

Board Member