Reach your potential as a financial professional with Chemical Bank. We provide our employees with opportunities for professional and career advancement. From our employee on-boarding program that provides an orientation to Chemical Bank, to our regularly scheduled sales and service training classes, we encourage each of our employees to seek the training necessary to grow and develop their skills. As an additional benefit to our employees, we offer Tuition Reimbursement along with our internal Branch Manager and Commercial Lender Training Programs to help promote our employees and further their careers!

Ask Us!

What characteristics does Chemical Bank look for in their employees?

Chemical Bank is always looking for individuals who exhibit exceptional personal and professional characteristics, or Success Profiles, which include:

  • Customer Dedication - Going out of the way to anticipate and meet both internal and external customer expectations.

  • High Standards - Establishing and modeling standards that guarantee exceptional quality and attention to detail.

  • Creative Initiative - Proactively generating original ideas and new ways of thinking, and developing innovative solutions.

  • Positive Impact - Personable, self-confident, and enthusiastic.

  • Relationship Building - Establishing and maintaining productive relationships and utilizing those relationships to facilitate business transactions.

  • Team Player - Sharing resources, responding to requests from other parts of the organization, and supporting team members and customers alike.

  • Community Immersion - Establishing and maintaining interdependent relationships with the community and gaining the trust and respect of their customers for a lifelong partnership.

  • Mission Focus - Understanding and supporting the organization's mission - its core purpose for being.