eBillPay* allows you to pay bills online without having to write a check. Don’t let checks and postage slow you down, take advantage of eBillPay and make payments your way!


  • No need to use checks or stamps

  • Easy and convenient way to view all electronic bills in one location

  • Schedule payment of bills and electronic bills

  • Define payments to be made automatically, including variable amounts (i.e. credit cards by paying minimum or balance in full)

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Ask Us!

How is it more secure to have eBillPay?

Protecting your information is a top priority at Chemical Bank. Our enhanced, multi-layered security platforms will keep your personal and financial information secure, and our password-protection authentication measures make it almost impossible for anyone to compromise your electronic records.

How will eBillPay work with my Checking or Savings Account?

Many of our Accounts offer a specified number of free bill payments per month, which helps you to better manage and streamline your finances!