Whether you are saving for a rainy day, want to make holiday shopping easier, or just want to earn a little bit more on your money, we have a Savings Account designed to meet your needs! Simply visit with your local Chemical Banker to discuss which of our accounts will best help you reach your financial goals.


Earns interest, Low minimum balance requirement.

MI Savings

No-minimum balance, earns tiered interest.

Youth Savings

A Savings Account for children under the age of 18.

Holiday Club

Save for any annual expenses.

Money Market

Competitive market rates and immediate liquidity.

Premier Money Market

Pays a competitive market rate of interest while offering liquidity.

Health Savings Account

Save for qualified medical expenses.

Certificates of Deposit

A great way to save while earning a higher interest rate.

Chem Flex Investment Account

Earn a higher rate of interest on short-term investments.

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