Chemical Bank offers IRA rollover services for individuals who are looking to move assets from a qualified plan into an IRA. An IRA rollover is a tax-free way to move assets from a group plan to your own plan or from an underperforming IRA to a better performing account. If you are retiring, changing employers or are looking for better performance from your retirement account, consider an IRA with Chemical Bank.


We are proud to offer IRAs that are:

  •          Self-directed
  •          Limited Option Managed
  •          Full Managed

Ask Us!

Why rollover an IRA?

A direct rollover into an IRA allows your money to grow uninterrupted and helps you avoid the taxes and penalties associated with early withdrawals on your retirement savings.

In addition, rolling over past accounts helps keep them in your control. In the future, you may have a hard time locating your retirement assets should your previous employer go out of business, change ownership or is unable to locate you.

To learn more about our Wealth Management solutions, please call 1.800.808.5404 or visit any Chemical Bank location.